OC of : Aria Aizen

Evangeline leblanc Derosaries
Evangeline pic
Name Evangeline leblanc Derosaries
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Female
Age 15
Height 165cm
Weight 50kg
Blood type unknown
Race Vampire
Occupation Student
Affiliation Eclipse Academy
Class Berserk

House of Bruchus
Marital Status Single
Team not provided yet
Hair colour White
Eyes colour Red
' '
Blood Manipulation
Aria Aizen
OC Status

Power Edit

Blood Manipulation : She can blood bends her own blood.Her blood can be shapeshift into any types of weapon she wished. However, axes, spears etc uses a lot amount of blood as it easily drains her stamina. So far, she can only shapeshift her blood into daggers and swords. Once using this ability, she will automatically fell asleep due to less amount of stamina and energy.

Personality Edit

  • Sadist
  • Two-faced 
  • Arrogant
  • "Himedere" 


She came from a noble breed of the vampires. Eva was raised with refined manners. Due to her extraordinary powers of blood manipulating, her parents locked her inside the castle to seal her powers away from others. Eva dislike being trapped inside the mansion. She didn't had any freedom to do anything she wishes. 

One stormy night, Eva unsealed her powers herself after doing research. She soon escape from the mansion by barging through the barrier her family cast to keep her distance away from the town. 

However, she didn't know her powers could cause a great havoc. She killed tons of innocent people to satisfy her own blood lust. She was soon found out by her cousin while she stood in between the dead bodies covered in blood. As she suddenly fell unconscious, her cousin took her back to his home. 

After she regained her consciousness, he explained what happened to her as he decided to enroll her to Eclipse Academy. Before she could enroll the Academy, her cousin sealed a few percentage of her power so that she won't go berserk like what happened on the night he founds he. Hoping that she could control her ability and use it wisely for the future.