OC of : Cik Panda Aiena

Mareline Sharplet
Name Mareline Sharplet
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 173cm
Weight 43kg
Blood type O
Race Vampire
Occupation Student
Affiliation Eclipse Academy
Class Berserk

House of unknown
Marital Status unknown
Team not provided yet
Hair colour Grey
Eyes colour Red
Hairclips Yellow Star Shape
Electric Shock
Poisonous DaggeR
Cik Panda Aiena
OC Status

Appearance Edit

Hair : Grey/Albino

Eyes : Red ( Wears turquoise contact lenses )


Usually puts the needs of others above her own need Tend to sticks to things until they are done . Loyal to her peers .Straight-forward and says whatever in her head . Electricity will overflow without control if she gets too emotional.

Likes :

  • ===Hairclips/Hairpins===
  • Cute things
  • Extreme sport 
  • Cats 
  • Fresh air
  • Taking a walk around town

Dislikes :

  • Animal blood 
  • Complicated things
  • Not really fond of werewolves (though she never cause any trouble with them)


A few days after Mareline becomes a vampire she discovers her new powers . But she was unable to control it and accidentally killed her fiancé. Her parents told her to ran away as they will handle the rest and did not want their daughter to be accused as a murderer. As Mareline travelled as a fugitive , she tried to learn how to control her power . In those years she was able to control the amount of electric current but still unable to stop it from flowing through her palms. She then enrolled to Eclipse Academy to learn more about her power and others and serve the humanity.


Able to transfer a painful electric shock-like jolt through touch 

Weapon: a poisonous dagger hidden under her skirt


  • Usually eat red-coloured food like strawberries etc . 
  • Obtain blood supplies from her acquaintance who work at a hospital
  • Extremely adores cute things 
  • She always wears a pair of rubber gloves to stop the electricity flowing.
  • Wears a cape when going out.