OC of : Nurul'ain Ramli

Naruhi Noel Melodii
Melodii pic
Name Naruhi Noel Melodii
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 160cm
Weight 50kg
Blood type unknown
Race Human
Occupation Student
Affiliation Eclipse Academy
Class Necro

House of Pistris2
Marital Status Single
Team not provided yet
Hair colour Pink
Eyes colour Golden Brown
' '
Nurul'ain Ramli
OC Status


  • Sadist and cold to others. She doesn't really like to stay in crowd. Has a sharp tongue but weak to cute things(and people, especially if they are shorter than her)


At the age of five, when she wanders in a forest nearby her village, located in Agra, she got lost and met a mysterious woman living in the forest named Aerla. She asked Aerla for the way out of the forest, but Aerla said that she will only help Naruhi if Naruhi formed a contract with her. A small Naruhi who doesn't suspect anything, agreed to form a contract with Aerla. It turns out that the contract results in Naruhi receiving the Aero power which consumes her memory everytime she uses it. The night she returned to her village, her power went berserk and her village was destroyed. Naruhi was badly injured and passed out after that. The next day she wakes up, she was in Aerla's cottage and is unable to remember what happened the night before due to massive amount of power used when it went berserk before. Aerla then trained Naruhi to control her power until she turned 17, when Aerla suddenly disappear and left a note, saying that if Naruhi wanted to know what happen to her before she wakes up in Aerla's cottage 12 years ago, Naruhi has to find Aerla and kill her. In order to preserve her memory, she entered Eclipse Academy to learn various magic to become strong enough to kill Aerla and retrieve back her memory 12 years ago.

Abilities and Fighting StyleEdit

Aero (wind manipulation)